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The Academy is:
> Open to all BSJA Junior or Junior Associate Members
> Eligible until December after their 18th birthday
> No bar to entry – all standards and experience welcome
> No additional membership fees, part of BSJA package

The Academy aims to provide progressive coaching rather than one-off training sessions, using experienced BSJA Accredited Coaches to significantly improve the riding skills and horse knowledge of the junior membership in order to make them more competitive in the sport of show jumping.

The idea is to:
> develop a ‘culture of improvement’
> offer progressive, structured coaching
> develop greater understanding across all areas of horsemanship and recognise there is more to it than just riding!
> develop a camaraderie between the members of the Junior Academy
> increase awareness and positively impact junior membership
> retain junior members who subsequently become seniors develop competitive edge
> spot the stars of the future
> have fun
> create value for the parents as well as the juniors
> bring together keen, competitive juniors committed to our sport and create an environment where they benefit from training with their peers.

Whilst many train very regularly, often this is in isolation, and, therefore, the competitiveness and peer pressure which often makes us try harder is missing.

The group environment of being coached and watching others being coached (doing and seeing) is invaluable.

Log books are issued which contain the riders Personal Development Plan. The log books contain information on ponies ridden by each individual, their aims and objectives and records of training goals and competition successes.

A rider remains as a Junior Academy member until the December after their 18th birthday – whether riding ponies or horses.

The Academy also aims to create an environment where non-horsey parents feel comfortable to ask for advice and feel included in what is sometimes thought of as an elite sport. Help with rules, classes, qualifiers etc


For more info contact

Nettie Lewis   (Britishshowjumping Acredited Trainer)
Tel: 0208 500 5040 / 07985 266014


Alison Reynolds (Junior Academy Co-Ordinator)

Tel: 01277 623423 / 07831 522936